Hey mama!

my name is Brittney, but my littles call me  mama

I am a mother first, and a photographer second. My girls (my furgirl too) are the center of my universe, and  my reason for everything I do. I grew up all over different parts of Maryland as a child, but settled on Kent Island Maryland fifteen years ago! There is nothing like raising your tiny humans in the place you were raised yourself.

you should probably know:

01. I'm an oldies girl

02. I love art

03. I love meeting new people

Thanks to my parents, I have a solid appreciation for old music. Some of my favorite bands are Three Dogs Night, and Fleetwood Mac. But my favorite band is the Beatles! I even named my youngest baby girl Lennon-after John, and  I call her Leni for short <3

I have loved art in all forms for my entire life. In high school, I wanted to be an art teacher! Photography has always been my passion though. Once I had my 1st babe, I became obsessed with photographing her! I knew I wanted to make this more than a hobby, and now I am truly living my dream job!

Connecting with people, sharing stories and laughter while documenting their families and loved ones is so fulfilling. Every session is personal to me. Each are tailored to my clients’ personalities and vibe. I like my images to have the perfect combo of mood, light, and warmth! 

the smell of coffee 

in the early morning

brushing my DAUGHTERS hair

before school in the mornings

Snuggles on the couch 

+ a rom-com